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   제 목   My favorite subject in school.    상 태  
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Hello. I'm ga hyeon. Nice to meet you. The story is my favorite subject in school. I like all kinds of subjects. And my favorite subject is 3. 1 is science. I like sceince. My dream is scientist. I like chemistry. Ilike expreiment too. It's my favorite. Oh yes! Iwant be great scientist. 2 is art. I'm good at art. Iwent art academy once a week. It's fun. Yes! 3 is english. I'm good at english. It's my favorite. And I have to study more. And I will famus someday.


My Favorite Subject in School

Hello! I'm Ga Hyeon. Nice to meet you! This essay is about my favorite subject in school. I like all the subjects, but I have 3 favorites. The first one is science. I like science because I want to become a scientist in the future. I like chemistry and experiments too. It's my favorite! I want to be a great scientist someday. The second one is the arts. I go to and Art Academy once a week and it's fun. The third one is English. I'm good at English, but I have to study more. If I do good with all of my subjects, I will become famous someday.

*****Good job Ga Hyeon! ^^

GRADE: 96%

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