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   제 목   MY English online class with teacher Eula.    상 태  
   작성자   cloe2848    등록일   2017-08-03
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Hello! I'm ga hyeon. Nice to meet you. My online classn teacher's name is Eula. She's kind. And she's pretty. I like meeting Eula. It's my favorite. Eula teacher teachs well. So I can smart. She is fun. So I like teacher Eula. I'm very happy. Yes! She gives knowledge for me. I learnnig many things. There are misuse things. So I'm good at English. And I like English very much! When I grow up I want to be good at English like American. And I'll make a new friends!


My English Online Class with Teacher Eula

Hello! I'm a Ga Hyeon. Nice to meet you. My teacher's name in my online English class is Teacher Eula. She's kind and pretty. I like meeting Eula, it's my favorite. Teacher Eula teaches well. So I can be smarter. She is fun to talk to, so I like her. I'm very happy to have a class with her. Yes! She helps me improve my knowledge and I am learning a lot of things. She constantly gives me corrections, and it helps me to be good in English. I like English so much! When I grow up, I want to be fluent in English like the Americans. And with that, I'll make a lot of new friends.

***I appreciate your description of our class Ga Hyeon! You are a smart student and I am happy to be your Teacher.

GRADE: 96%

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