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   제 목   My family    상 태  
   작성자   jiho    등록일   2018-09-14
   내 용

I do introduction my family Frist,is my dad.My dad is very fun and kind secound,is my mom.My mom is very good cook and very good,third is My sister my sister was very good study so she helps me very hard, last is My cat my cat is very cute,good,beatiful,pretty.... so many but I like all this is my family next I do write my friend..bye


I will introduce my family. First is my dad, he is very funny and kind. Second is my mother, she is very good in cooking and she is also a very good mother. Third is my sister, she is very good in studying and that's why she helps me study very hard. The last one is my cat. My cat is very good and cute, and also beautiful! There's many more I like about my family, but next time I will be writing about my freinds. :)

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