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   제 목   GAME DAY    상 태  
   작성자   boram0806    등록일   2018-09-14
   내 용

Today is game day. Ilike gme day. Me and my teacher playd game! We played word search(about fish).Word search is puzle. and I like puzle. But some text is gone.TT I heard my brother played om ok. I like that game, too I think I like every game.



Today is game day and I like game day. Me and my English teacher played and we played the game word search, it is about fish. Word search is like puzzle game and I like playing puzzle game. I was sad because some of the letters are gone. As I play I heard my brother, but it's okay. I really like our game, I like all of the games.


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   다음글 I like library so much! (Mary teacher~I didn't wrote diary in first clsss. so I wrote it today~^^)