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   제 목   Job- ORBAR ophathalomologist    상 태  
   작성자   isjjang7    등록일   2018-10-11
   내 용

Today we studied a job that about ORBAR eye doctor. They working very interesting. ORBAR is help get sick people and have desease people. They take the airpland and go to Malaysia or Africa... I think they are have so good job and I respect them. Because they are help people and they studied many, but they go to poor country and they come to be a volunteer. I think they are the best ophathalomologist in the world ---^^---



Today, we studied about a job which is an eye doctor in Arbor Eye Center.

Their work is very interesting.

Arbar Eye Center help sick people and those who have disease.

They take an airplane and go to Malaysia or Africa.

I think their job is good and I respect them

because there are many educated people around the world but still they choose to go to poor countries and serve as volunteers.

I think they are the best ophthalmologists in the world.



Good job, Jang in seo! By the way, your composition made me interested in Arbar Eye Center. ^^


   이전글 sick
   다음글 hard day