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   제 목   I can't remenber.    상 태  
   작성자   cocoa2007    등록일   2018-10-12
   내 용

Today,I play activity. By a way,that's activity is remember the sentense! I don't have to cofidence at remember. OMG.... I did't anything remember. So,I'm so sorry at shane teacher... I was shy... Sorry...shane teacher!! Next video class time,I will try to better!



I had an activity today.

By the way, the activity is 'remember the sentence'.

I don't have the confidence to remember sentences.


I didn't remember anything.

So, I said I'm sorry to teacher Shane.

I was shy.

Sorry teacher Shane!

I will try better on our next video class.



Good job, Chohyeon An! I know you will do better next time. ^^


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