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   제 목   The brave family.    상 태  
   작성자   cocoa2007    등록일   2018-11-08
   내 용

One family went camping. By the way,there campground is mountain. Mountain is very dangerous. Because,mountain sometimes come bear,owl,wolf....etc They are danger... Then,very big bear is came!! Father made big fire,mother bangs fan. Then,bear leave there. So,the brave family is don't sleep. Next day morning,family leave the mountain. Mother said,"Don't go mountain!!!never!!"


There is one family who went for a camping.

By the way it is located to the mountain.

Mountain is very dangerous because it has bears, owls, wolves and etc.

They are wild animals.

 Then there is big bear who comes to them.

So the father made a big fire and the mother *bang* the gun and so the bear leaves. 

The brave family doesn't sleep.

The next day morning, the family leaves the mountain and the mother said " Don't go to the mountain,ever!"


Good job on creating the sentences! Please make your sentences clearer. Let's work on some grammar stracture. Keep on writing!


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