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   제 목   What how many years did I going to piano academy?    상 태  
   작성자   cloe2848    등록일   2019-01-10
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I frist go to piano academy at 7. First piano academy was near my house. I learned piano basics. And I rested piano. Second piano academy was near my house too but they ride a car. I don't like second piano academy so I changed another. Third is The academy I am attend now I go on and off to learn piano. Therefore, I going to piano academy for five years in number.

I went first to piano academy at 7.

Piano academy is near in our house.

I learned basic key in piano.

I also attend on another academy for piano lesson.

It's also near in our house but it needs me to ride a car to went there.

I don't like my second academy so I changed it.

In the piano lesson, it's not always that we have a class.

Therefore, I'm going to the piano academy for five years.


Nice sentences! I wanna hear more from you, ga hyeon Bong. Keep on writing!


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