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   작성자   mp3213    등록일   2018-06-12
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teacher, can you see it? i don't know that how to text you. so i am writing in it. but i don't know that what is this. i can't go in to video call. i can see only a sentence that you have not login yet. and IZEEON doesn't answer the phone. how are you? plus. it is what i was about to say later plus. teacher, i knew now why. IZEEON told my mom that they have a problem with the internet from 9'a clock. did you get a message? it's a shame. have a good night.



I am not your teacher, but kindly allow me to correct this. 

Teacher, can you see this? I don't know how to text or contact you.So I am writing here, but I actually don't know what this is. I can't enter the video class. I can only see a dialogue box prompted on my screen saying that you are not yet log-in to the program. Also, IZEEON (Easy on?) doesn't answer the phone. I just want to ask, "How are you?" Anyway, I know now the reason. IZEEON told my mom that there is a problem with the internet at 9:00 o'clock. Did you get a message? It's a shame. Good night.

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