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   제 목   Chocopic    상 태  
   작성자   toto2824    등록일   2019-01-11
   내 용

I after school. my mom call " buy the Jajangmyeon " and I said " OK " I go to TOP mart I buy Jajangmyeon. and I go to the house. but I stop. Then I think and I in TOP mart again. and I buy Chocopic maby my sister love this chip. but I thought ' but how my sister don't like Chocopic?' I worried ' Aha! maby my sister don't like Chocopic I eat all Chocopic!!' Haha

After school, my mom call me and she said that I need to buy Jajangmyeon.

I went to TOP Mart and bought Jajanmyeon. 

When I'm on my way home, I stopped.

I went back to TOP Mart and bought chocopic.

Maybe my sister willl love it but I'm worried that she might don't like it.

But if she doesn't, I'll eat it alone.


Let's work on some of the grammar structure. I wanna hear more from you, Jason. Keep on writing!


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