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   작성자   toto2824    등록일   2019-02-12
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Today's science class we learn atmospheric pressure. and yesterday science's materials is yogurt and straw, but lots of friends hasn't materials.me too.and mission is ' In 3 seconds eat finished yogurt.' is easy. but all friends don't clear. is weird. I want to challenge but I don't have yogurt and straw. my teacher says " tomorow is science time too then. tomorow this mission too." yee

Today in our science class, we learn about the atmospheric pressure.

And yesterday, during our science class, we used some materials like yogurt and straw.

Some of my friends doesn;t have any of it as well as I am.

Our mission is to drink the yogurt in three seconds and it's weird.

I want to try it but I don't have any of those materials.

And os my teacher says that tomorrow is also our experiment time and we will also do the same thing we do today.


It's great to know that you're having so much fun. But please observe proper captalization. I wanna hear more from you, Jason. Keep on writing!


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