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   제 목   HI. teacher. ^^ I am Sean 2    상 태  
   작성자   wind2773    등록일   2017-12-24
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Why I chose my major? Reason 3: My major is easy to get a job. Details1 : I always heard that engineering students are easy to get a job. Details2 : After I entered college, I realized it is real. most of my seniors entered in good company Details3 : These days, getting a job is hard. there are a lot of people that cannot get a job. so I am afraid of that reality. Conclusion : "In the end, I think that mechanical engineering suits my personality, but it is too hard to study for me and there are many assignments. so I love it and hate it all the same."



Hello Sean! You really have a very nice attitude. You like challenges, and it'll make you stronger in the future. Fighting! yes

   이전글 HI. teacher. ^^ I am Sean
   다음글 hello Charlotte~