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   작성자   winter050    등록일   2018-04-27
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Winter050/Yook jin seul To.Dara teacher and Josephine teacher Hello! I'm Erica! Today is last day. Dara teacher why not here today? Befor my computer is error I'm so sorry. I missing you guys and my cat is now okay. My cat name is aegi. Aegi's mean baby. Bye bye see you later bye T.T


To Teacher Dara and Teacher Josephine


I'm Erica. Today is my last day. Teacher Dara why are you absent today? My computer had an error and I'm so sorry for that. I will miss you guys. My cat is now okay. My cat's name is Aegi which means a baby. Bye bye Teachers. see you next time T.T


Hello Erica :)

I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to have class with you last Friday. Thank you for a short time that you became my student. I know you can do more in your school because you are a fast learner student. I will miss you too Erica. See you next time :)

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