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   작성자   winter093    등록일   2018-04-27
   내 용

My favorite season is fall. Because the weather and the landscape is very good. It is not too cold or hot. Spring is too, but in spring, yellow dust comes. However, in fall, we can enjoy the blue sky reading books. In addition, we can see the colorful leaves falling from the trees. There are many events such as a school festival, school trip, and many fun local fairs in fall. For example, there are the chrysanthemum festival and the Seodong Festival. Also, my birthday is on October 30th. Actually, my little sister's birthday is in September and my mom's birthday is in November. My dad's birthday is in January, so birthdays of my family except my dad are in fall. I love that. In conclusion, I like fall the most because fall have many attractions.

Fall is indeed a beautiful season!

Thank you for sending your homework, Lucy! You did a great job! Keep it up! :)



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