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   제 목   Thank you for your teaching.    상 태  
   작성자   winter207    등록일   2018-06-06
   내 용

Hi! teacher. I'm Mark. I want to learn more English from you. Because, You are very good teacher. I hope to continue studying with you. Oh! I have a good news. I bought a new lap top to study english. but I can't use that for cIass. I don't know why but I kept losing connection. I hope to find solution. I hope so right? See you tomorrow!


Hello Mark! I'm sorry that I responded late to your message.  Anyway, having a new laptop is a very good news! Your parents are very supportive to you and your sister so be good in your studies and I hope that you'll learn  more in our class. Thank you so much for extending your time to me Mark!  See you later!

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