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November 4, 2018. I was rental a sharing car that used a lot of persons for give my girlfriend a ride to the airport. For using it, I must reservate it beforehand. And then, I have to directly go for get a that car. I felt strange smell in a car when I took a car. But, Util that time, I have no regard. So, I drop by her home. when giving her young brother and sisters a ride in a car, everybody said "what's the smell?" Even if everybody smelled a rank smell, No one else can't find the cause until we arrived at the airport. After that done with gave her a ride, we stop by a restaurant to have a dinner for a while. That time, I'm again checking my rental car, Finally I discovered to what cause of this smell. That is the pet's waste. I think people have to clean up their pet’s waste.


November 4,2018.
I rent a sharing car that is used by a lot of people to give a ride of my girlfriend to the airport.

To use it, I have to reserved the car beforehand.

And then, I can use the car. I smell a strange thing inside the car when I get  it.

But I disregard it.

After that, I drop by at their house, her young brother and sister enter the car and said "What's that smell?"

Even if everyone smells it, no one can find it up until we reach the airport.

When we went back home, we decided to drop by at the restaurant to have a dinner.

During that time, I check the rental car and there I saw the waste of pet.

I think people should clean the waste of their pets.


Good job on creating the sentences! Let's work on some grammar structure. Keep on writing!


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