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   작성자   toto2824    등록일   2019-03-15
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Today is very sleep day. yesterday I sleep at 11 o'clock. then I'm sleep. but how. I start to EASY ON ENGLISH. My teacher is Lendsey. she does acting today. Why? we play typing match. next I win to 3:2. the game rule is when I lose I singing English song, when teacher lose she does acting. then she acting. she act a movie "Titanic"'s one women. but is sad script but my teacher is says funny script.


I have a long sleep today.

Yesterday, I slept at 11 o'clock and I'll sleep now.

But for now, I have to attend my class with Teacher Lendsey in Easy on English.

She's doing an act today.


Because we're playing a matching game.

I won the game and it's 3 over 2.

The rule of the game is that the person who lose the game will be the one whose going to sing.

And so teacher do the act and she re-enact the movie in Titanic.

Supposedly, it's a sad script but then she makes a funny script.


Great sentences! Let's just work on the grammar structure. I wanna hear more from you, Jason. Keep on writing!


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