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   제 목   Sky Castle, A Drama About Problems In education In Korea    상 태  
   작성자   jhr0825    등록일   2019-03-15
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Do you know 'SKY'?In Korean,'Sky'is acronym for three of Korea's top universities:Seoul University,Goryeo University and Yonsei University.Many moms in korea are want their childeren are in these schools.But sometimes,mothers'overfull greeds're not good.Drama's about that.There's woman called 'Kim-JuYeong'.Her job is studying coach,and what she does is teach child thoroughly and send them to SKY.There're also mothers that have different mnds about education.This drama expression about effecct of children's overfull educatiion in a tragic way.This drama's director wanted send a massage 'Overfull education can have tragic ending'.But after drama ended,people just want to buy study items in the drama regardless of the content of drama.It's big problem!Anyway,Thank you for reading my essay!


Do you know 'SKY'?

In Korean, 'Sky'is an acronym for three of the Korea's top universities: Seoul University, Goryeo University and Yonsei University.

Many moms in Korea want their children are in these schools.

But sometimes, mothers' full greeds  not good.

There's a drama about that.

There's woman named 'Kim-JuYeong'.

Her job is a coach.

What she does is to teach child thoroughly and send them to SKY. 

There are also mothers that have different thoughts about education.

This drama is telling about the effect of pressuring children in educatiion in a tragic way.

The director of this drama wanted to send a message "Too much education can have a tragic ending'.

But when the drama ended, people just want to buy a studying materials in the drama regardless of the content of it.

It's big problem!

Anyway,Thank you for reading my essay!


Great sentences! I wanna hear more from you, Rachel. Keep on writing!


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